Monday, 7 October 2013

Tandoori Chicken Briyani

Hi friends, I'm glad to share another recipe with you all Tandoori Chicken Briyani, some of you may have tried this dish before but this is the very first time for me. I got this idea from sis Love's Grilled Chicken Briyani, I fell in love with the preparation the moment she post it on her blog, thanks sis. I have used her idea and made some changes in my briyani, I have used Tandoori Chicken that I have prepared earlier (purposely to use for this briyani). We loved the Tandoori Chicken Briyani, it was so delicious and healthy. Now let us see how to make this briyani:


500 gm of Tandoori Chicken
2 cups of Basmathi rice or any kind
2 1/2 cups of water (ratio depending on the rice you use)
1 large onion (chopped)
1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste
1 tbsp of tandoori powder
A bunch of coriander leaves
2 large onions (deep fried until brown)
A  few drops of yellow coloring/saffron
1 tomato (chopped)
1 green chilli (slit)
1 pc of cinnamon stick
2 cardamom pods
2 star anise
2 cloves
Salt to taste
1 tbsp of ghee

You have to prepare the tandoori chicken before you cook the rice, you can prepare in advance or right before you cook the rice. Now let us prepare the ingredients for rice, make sure you wash the rice until the water runs clear, then drain and keep aside.

In a pan, pour ghee and add cinnamon stick, cardamom, star anise, cloves, green chilli, onion and ginger garlic paste, stir all these until it releases the wonderful aroma. Next add chopped tomato and tandoori powder and fry until tomato turns mushy, then add rice and mix well.

Transfer all the ingredients above to a rice cooker and add water and salt, let the rice cook until its fluffy and dry. Now add the yellow coloring, place the chicken pieces on the rice, add fried onions and coriander leaves, close the cooker's lid until you are ready to serve the rice.

Gently mix the cooked rice, and now our Tandoori Chicken Briyani is ready to be served. I have served this with Onion Raita.

Do try and let me know how it turned out for you!


  1. The biryani looks so inviting Arthy. And quite different from my usual one too. I will try it out sometime :)

  2. Briyani,the word itself makes me drool, wat a tempting one pot meal.Inviting sis..

  3. welcome back dear. biryani looks delicious

  4. Can I have a plate. looks gorgeous

  5. can finish off the entire plate by myself..

  6. Yayy you are back with a bang ;) thats one yummy biryani waiting for the day to taste your dishes dear

  7. Welcome back!
    This is very tasty biryani recipe. On Saturday we can make tandoori chicken and on Sunday this biryani.

  8. Such a killer looking biryani....loved it

  9. such a yummy and delicious biriyani


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