Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Strawberry Swirl Cake

Christmas is just around the corner, I'm so excited about it. I'm planning for a small celebration with my family and as another step to Christmas I baked a wonderful and delicious cake, Strawberry Swirl Cake. I don't want to go on blabbering here let me take you to the recipe;

1 cup of all purpose flour
1/2 cup of castor sugar
1/2 cup of soft butter
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1 tsp of rose essence
1/4 cup of evaporated milk
1/4 cup of strawberry filling
2 drops of red coloring (optional)
2 large eggs

In a mixing bowl, whisk egg, sugar and butter until fluffy. Now add in rose essence, red coloring and evaporated milk. Now add baking soda, baking powder and all purpose flour and mix until everything are well incorporated. 

Pour the mixture in a baking tray depending on your preference and finally add the strawberry filling on top of the cake mixture, using a stick swirl the filling in the cake mixture to get a perfect swirl once baked. Then bake the cake at 150 degrees for 40 minutes.

Once the cake is perfectly baked let it cool before  you unmould the cake and cut into slices. Now our Strawberry Swirl Cake is ready to be served.

Do try and let me know how it turned out!


  1. tempting and yummy ...Join me in Fast Food Event - Poha in my blog.

  2. tempting cake and love the combination o strawberry and chocolate

  3. mouthwatering cake...very innovative!

  4. Tempting flavour and I cant imagine how it taste..Yummy..

  5. Delicious Cake.. Love the flavor combo..

  6. Looks tempting & Love the combination.

  7. Tempting cake..looks soft too

  8. Delicious cake dear...drooling here!

  9. Loved the strawberry touch dear... Cake looks yum

  10. Thik cake looks literally yummy. Mouthwatering here.

    today's recipe:

  11. I love the strawberry swirls on your cake. Happy holidays to you. Take care, BAM

  12. Loving this beautiful cake, with strawberries wish i get a slice rite now.

  13. Looks Delicious..perfectly done..vl try dis.


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