Sunday, 4 November 2012

Almond London Cookies

No story today, I'm extremely busy meeting customers orders all the stock must go out in next few days, I have tried this recipe from Mat Gebu's Dapur Tanpa Sempadan. This is a very simple recipe but very time consuming because I prepared more than 500 pieces, I don't know how this cookies got its name but I'm sure its not available in London. 

Let's look at the recipe;

Ingredients: (Recipe Yields-300 pcs)

250 g of butter
550 g of all purpose flour
140 g of castor sugar
1 tsp of emplex (for cookies crispiness-I didn't add)
300 pcs of whole almond ( baked for 10 minutes)
2 egg yolk ( I have used whole eggs)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
300 pcs of small paper cups


600 g of cooking chocolate
1 tbsp of vegetable shortening
50 g of almond nibs (baked for 5 minutes)

Whisk butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs incorporate well

Add flour knead the dough well until soft and pliable

Take 1 whole almond and wrap some dough covering it, per piece should be 5g each 
and arrange on a baking tray, bake at 150 degree for 10- 15 minutes

All perfectly baked, set aside to cool down while we prepare the topping

Double-boil the cooking chocolate and once it completely melted turn off the flame 
and add the shortening for shine, I kept the bowl over the water bath until I completely 
finish decorating the cookie as the chocolate will harden if left too long outside

Arrange cookie on a small paper cup 

Spoon over some melted chocolate over the cookie

Drain the excess chocolate

Cookie well coated in melted chocolate

Add some almond nibs and let the chocolate harden

Cookie coated in melted chocolate and almond nibs

All the cookies should be arrange very near to achieve the oval shape, 
once chocolate harden transfer to a container and seal tight

Do try and let me know how it turned out!


  1. yummy cookies

  2. I adore your patience sis! Wonderful of my favs! ;)

  3. Want to eat one right now suman...

  4. Wow those cookies looks very attractive.

  5. Great effort dear,....super cookies

  6. Tahts an awesome looking cookie dear. Will try soon

  7. Woow, you made this much..kudos to your to taste it..

    Dish in 30 minutes event with give away

    1. Tq Saras...i wish i could pass some to u...:)

  8. Gr8 work admin,looks awesome and very delicious,and good snaps t6aken,keep going..

  9. Sis, Theebavali Naall Vaalthukkall from Ireland!


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