Friday, 16 November 2012

Ennailappam/ Nei appam

This is a dish loved by all my family members and also people who visit us during this day. I would like to share our family recipe with you all today. Lets check out the recipe;


3 cups uncooked rice (soaked 4 to 6 hours)
600g of palm sugar (mix with water and strain)
Half coconut flesh (cut small)
Enough water to mix the batter
Salt to taste

Drain the soaked rice and dry blend and strain to get fine flour, keep the coarse grains for use later. Mix the palm sugar that have been soaked and strained with the rice flour and 2 tbsp of coarse grains. Add salt to the above mixture with some water to get thick batter consistency. Keep this mixture overnight covered.

This is how the coconut flesh supposed to be cut

The next day add coconut flesh to the mixture and fry in deep hot oil to get appam like this.


  1. Nei-appam looks superb...Love to have few now..

  2. must have tasted delicious Suman! i had made these during navrathri, i too used palm sugar , they were looking dark in color like yours, so i did not post them.

    1. Yes Swasthi it was delicious especially while its still hot from the pan...

  3. They look so delicious and would love to have a bite or two...

  4. very delicious suman :) i am yet to try this..


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