Wednesday, 14 November 2012


It has been 10 days since I have updated my blog, I have been extremely busy with work,business and Diwali preparations. Today I found a few minutes to write a post early in the morning, nothing much to say so let me bring you direct to the recipe; 


6 cups of rice flour
3 cups of ulunthu flour (urad dal)
1/4 cup of white sesame seeds
1/4 cup of cumin seeds
1/4 cup of ajwain seeds
4 cups of coconut milk
1 tbsp of salt
2 tbsp of butter
Oil to fry

Dry roast rice flour and ulunthu flour and keep aside. Simmer coconut milk with salt, until warm do not boil it.

Mix butter to rice flour,ulunthu flour, butter and add 1 cup of coconut milk

Add sesame seeds, cumin seeds and ajwain seeds to flour

Now add the rest of the coconut milk and knead dough well and apply some oil to the dough

Press dough into a close coil like design and keep aside

Arrange all the pressed dough on a tray to fry

Heat oil and fry the coils in hot oil and fry until golden

Strain the muruku and keep aside to remove excess oil

Now our muruku is ready to be served

Do try and let me know how it turned out!


  1. Looks delish. Suman, do u prepare ur uzhunnu flour urself dear?

    1. Yes Sherin...both rice and uzhunnu flour prepared at home...

  2. Crispy delicious murukku,love it

  3. crispy and perfect murukku

  4. You have got the shape of the murukku perfectly.. I had a real tough time with the shape, so just gave it up.. ;)
    Anyways, nice murukkus.. :)

    1. Ohh Divya you have to make soft dough so that its easy when u press it...if its hard difficult to get perfect shape....

  5. Belated diwali wishes to you and your family.Beautiful murukkus,prefect shape.


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