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Non-Dairy PanaCotta Guest Post by Sherin Deepu

I have been admiring Sherin Deepu @ Kuk's Kitchen ever since I got to know her through her blog a few months back, despite being a busy doctor she still seem to find time to cook for her family and most importantly maintain a wonderful blog of hers. Her blog is so well managed with mouth-watering and healthy recipes and her clicks will make you drool to have the dish on your plate.

When I contacted her to do a guest post for my blog she agreed right away and emailed me the recipe very quick. Sherin thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us. Now let us check what she has in store for us.

Let's read this recipe with her own words;

My son went through a phase of milk protein intolerance and I was trying to make his favorite desserts milk protein-free. I present here one such effort.

Ingredients for one layer:

Plain almond milk - 2 cups
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1/4 cup
1 envelope powdered gelatin
Water - 4 tbsp


In a saucepan, combine the almond milk, vanilla and sugar. Turn the heat on and cook on medium heat until the mixture begins to simmer, stirring frequently.

Pour the gelatin into a small bowl and then pour the 4 tablespoons of water over the gelatin. Let sit until spongy, about 5 minutes or less.

When the almond milk mixture gives the first bubble, remove from heat.

Pour a small amount of the almond milk mixture in with the spongy gelatin, let sit for a minute and then stir. Pour the gelatin mixture back in to the saucepan containing the almond milk and stir until the gelatin is dissolved.

Pour the pannacotta mixture to a mould, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight to set up.

Serve with slices of peach and orange rind for that bite.

To get the layered effect.

Strawberry essence - 2 drops + Edible pink colour - 1 drop (or use strawberry dairy free powder)
Chocolate chips / powder dairy free - 1 tbsp

Mix the above portion with chocolate chips (or powder), pour in a mould and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare a second portion of the panacotta following the above recipe again and mix in strawberry powder (or essence +colour) and mix well to combine. Pour this carefully over the set chocolate panacotta making sure not to disturb the bottom layer. Leave in fridge for another 10 minutes.

Now is the time to prepare a third portion of panacotta using the above recipe again, leave it plain and pour this over the second layer, carefully again. Cover with plastic wrap and leave in fridge for 8 hours or overnight.


  1. yummy yum.. well done sherin & suman...

  2. Delicious....good effort sherin..thanks suman


  4. That's a fabulous guest post dear! I'm in the midst of organising one for my blog too! You will be contacted...hehe! :)

    I stumbled upon Kuk's Kitchen just recently and it's wonderful! Spoon licking dessert over there! :)

    Enna kodumai sis ithu? I'm salivating...hehehe!

    1. Ohhh sure sis, will be glad to do a guest post for you...

  5. Silky smooth panacotta looks so tempting

  6. Amazing dessert :) Loved the delectable guest post dear..Good work Sherin and Arthy :)
    Potato Pepper Fry / Urulaikilangu Milagu Varuval

  7. Tempting and delicious dessert.. Great job girls!!

  8. loved the layers suman, looks great

  9. gr8 idea of using milk in different way

  10. yummy n tempting panacotta......lovely guest post Sumi

  11. I am just thinking that isn't it funny how some desserts that we maybe grew up with we just don't make for our children. Lost in memories. I grew up with my grand mothers panacotta and loved it. Thanks for a reminder.

  12. Delicious and diary free panacotta, Great job Arthy and Sherin.

  13. Wow!! Absolutely divine and sinful. Cant take my
    eyes of the pic. Lovely..........:)


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