Friday, 21 September 2012

Pan Seared Lamb Burger

Hello everyone how are you doing today? I'm sure all of you are in pink of health and happiness, this  is simply because it's Friday. Wooo Hooo...who doesn't like Friday, almost 90% of us wait eagerly for it.The next whole week would be a boring one for me because my husband went on an overseas business trip and that's nothing I would love about this weekend. 

I'm just trying to make the next few days a busy one by keeping myself fully occupied so that I wouldn't be sad thinking about being far apart from my husband. Luckily I have my brother here to accompany me even though he's very busy with his studies and part time jobs. Okay let's move on, I don't want to be carried away with my feelings. 

I have made Lamb Burger patties for dinner, since I don't take any carbohydrate based food now I have to find ways and means to make my daily meals as interesting as possible. I bought minced lamb and made burger patties for dinner, this is a basic and simple patty.

Come let us look at the recipe and how I made this burger....

250g minced lamb
1 onion chopped finely
1 tsp black pepper powder
A handful of cheese powder
A pinch of salt

Take minced lamb in a bowl

Add the cheese powder to the minced lamb

Now add in chopped onion

Add in pepper powder and salt, mix all the ingredients added and form patties,
you can add egg and corn flour to bind the meat but I didn't want 
any extra calories from it so I didn't add

Pan sear the burger patties on a pan, I did not add any additional oil/ butter

Cook both sides of the patties evenly for about 5 minutes on every side,
I even pour off the excess oil released by the meat

I have added cheese slices on top of the patties, serve with mayonnaise and mustard 
sauce or you can serve with any other sauce of your choice,can you see the juice
oozing from the patties that shows how juicy and succulent the meat was

Do try and let me know how it turned out for you, happy trying!!!


Thank you so much fellow friends for commenting, your comments will help me to improve my blog and share more special recipes that I have tried with you. Do drop by often, yummy recipes waiting!

Arthy Suman