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Guest Post by Julie: Simple Coffee Pudding

I have always admired Julie's blog ever since I started visiting her space almost everyday, varieties of recipes you can find definitely make you drool for some. Do visit her blog Erivum Puliyumm, you will be fascinated and amazed with the collection of recipes. Now let me introduce (drum roll) Julie from Erivum Puliyumm;

When Arthy @ Sumanarthy's Kitchen asked me to do a guest post for her,I was a bit busy then with Christmas preparations at home.But she was kind enough to give me enough time to send her a recipe.  Arthy has been part of my space since 2 months and we had joined hands in blogging then.The best part of her space is that she has a vast collection of recipes ranging from the simple ones to the complex ones.

She has also brought out many wonderful bloggers as her guest in her space and this time, I got a chance too. All Thanks to you, Arthy. So,friends as always I say-Love to share my happiness with a sweet/dessert and so today's recipe is a simple coffee pudding that I prepared for Christmas lunch. It's a simple yet smooth pudding that you would love to have anytime and can be prepared without much efforts. My kids loved it a lot,do give this a try if you are looking for a quick fix dessert for  any occasions !!

instant coffee powder 3 tsp(refer notes)
condensed milk 1/2 tin
whipping cream 1 cup
sugar if required 2 tbsp
gelatin 2 tbsp
boiling water 1 1/2 cup
coldwater 1/2 cup
chocolate shavings 2-3 tbsp
  • Soak the gelatin in cold water(1/2 cup) and keep aside for 10 minutes.
  • Boil the water and take the coffee powder in a cup.Add the boiling water to it.
  • Add sugar as per desired.I used 2 tbsp.
  • Add the soaked gelatin in a small quantity of hot coffee mixture.OR use double boiling method to dilute gelatin.And add to the coffee mixture.Keep aside.
  • Add the condensed milk in it.Mix well until combined.
  • Whip the whipping cream in the cold stage until soft peaks and then fold in the warm coffee mixture in small quantities into this whipped cream.
  • Pour the mixture in a pudding bowl of 8*8 and refrigerate for 3-4 hours until it sets.Spread a thin layer of chocolate shavings as topping.
  • Cut in pieces & serve chilled.
Servings ~5-6 adults
* You can decrease coffee powder upto 2tsp if you want a mild taste.
* As the condensed milk contains sugar,you can even omit the extra sugar if desired.
* You can use  chocolate syrup to top it up too instead of chocolate shavings.


  1. OMG! Coffee pudding looks excellent, like to have now....

    today's recipe:

  2. I love coffee in my cakes, puddings, biscuits or even a simple plain filter coffee is great! Delicious pudinng and a nice post by Julie!

  3. Wow....lovely guest post by Julie....yummy n lipsmacking Pudding....

  4. eventhough I am not a coffee person I like it in dessert form.. This looks yummy and interesting

  5. Thanx dear for honouring me through your guest post invitation,happy to be at your space..Hugs to you:)
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    1. You are most welcome dear...tq for doing a wonderful post for me....Hugs....

  6. Lovely recipe..such a yummy desert.

  7. Yummy dessert. very well done Julie.

  8. Pudding looks awesome! Nice post Julie and Arthy. happy new year to both of you

  9. yummy.....nice...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013....

  10. Ooh! Coffee anytime for me...
    Happy New Year from MyFoodTreasures

  11. Looks so yum... and i love coffee... so this goes into my todo list...

  12. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Such a lovely dessert. I luv it.

  13. delicious and nice clicks..

  14. Cant resist to this droolworthy pudding..Julie did a wonderful guest post.Happy new year wishes to you and your family Arthy.

  15. Delicious pudding, Julie and Suman great guest post. Yumm.

  16. very interesting guest post by Julie...
    Seems I am here for the first time through Julie's site...

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  17. I happened to see this recipe in Julie's blog - and could not resist, so I'm here to take a good look at the ingredients. I love anything remotely related to coffee :-)
    As always great recipe & a chef-like presentation, Arthy!

    1. Tq dear, Julie is a very talented person especially her plating and photography skills i admire the most...


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