Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spinach Curry/ Kirai Curry

1/2 cup of toor dal
14 cup of moong dal
A bunch of spinach (cleaned)
1/4 cup of coconut milk
1 brinjal (cut into small pieces)
1 tsp mustard seed
2 dried red chilli
5 bird eye chilli
1 onion (sliced)
3 garlic pods
Salt to taste
Oil for tempering

Wash and soak toor dal and moong dal for at least 30 minutes. Then pressure cook dal, garlic, bird eye chilli until soft.

Next add in spinach and let it soften, now add the sliced onion, brinjal, salt and mix well until cooked. Let all this boil until brinjal soften then add coconut milk let it simmer for a few minutes and turn off the flame.

Finally temper the curry with dried chilli and mustard seed and pour over the curry. Cover the pan and let the flavour trapped in the cooker until ready to eat.

Now our Spinach Curry is ready to be served. Do try and let me know how was it!


  1. With the chilies it must be spicy, love it.

  2. adding coconut milk must be so good :) must try this version soon

    1. Tq Priya R do try and let me know how was it...

  3. Healthy and one of my favourite spinach curry,love with a bowl of rice.

  4. healthy and yummy

  5. very healthy n yummy curry, kids love for sure!!!

  6. very comforting dish with rice....

  7. Bird eye chilli makes it spicy and looks yummy.

    1. Yes the taste of the curry is enhanced when bird eye chilli added to it...

  8. Healthy Curry goes well with rasam and curd rice.


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