Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Guest Post by Vidya Lakshmi: Nutella & Coffee Pannacotta

I'm so very lucky to have blogger sisters who are very supportive when it comes to guest post, the next on my list will be sis Vidya who I have known for quite some time now. I love her photography skills and not forgetting her wonderful recipes, do check out her blog Cooking My Way. Now let me hand over to her and see what she have prepared for us.

Hello Every body...I'm Vidyalakshmi from Bangalore,India. I work here in a media company as a coordinator I love to food blog and food has become my passion I travel a lot for work and never stop looking out for new recipes and inspiration where ever i travel. this passion turned as a hobby and blogging followed my path. when Arthy asked me to guest blog i was thrilled. and planned a simple and easy recipe its bit of time consuming process but worth all efforts for the video recipe demo visit me on youtube:

Thanks to Arthy for choosing me to guest blog wishing Arthy her family and friends very happy new year 2013..

2 Cups Milk please use full fat milk
2 Cups Heavy cream
2 Tbsp Gelatin
3-4 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Instant Coffee Powder
4 Tbsp Nutella
2 Tbsp Coco powder

1. In a bowl add the gelatin and add luke warm water and mix allow to melt or place the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds till gelatin melts.

2. Place a heavy bottom pot on medium flame add 1 cup milk and 1 cup cream bring to a simmering boil add half of the sugar and whisk till sugar dissolves.

3. Mix the coco powder with a bit of luke water or milk in a cup this is to avoid lumps add the coco to the boiling milk and stir using a whisk is much more faster and really helps.

4.Add the nutella and stir till nutella melts and combines with milk thoroughly add half of the melted gelatin and keep stirring till well combined.remove from flame allow to cool a bit before pouring into serving glasses.

5. Once the mixture is divided equally into serving glasses cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge till sets.

6. To prepare the coffee pannacotta add 1 cup milk and 1 cup cream into heavy bottom pot and bring to a simmering boil on medium flame.

7. Add sugar and whisk till sugar dissolves. add the instant coffee and stir well add the remaining gelatin and stir till well combined remove from flame and allow to cool a bit.

8.divide the mixture equally and layer on the pre-set nutella follow the same process and place in the fridge till set.

Garnish with tempered chocolate and chocolate shaving serve with loads of love to your guests and family enjoy...

See how lovely is the pannacotta? Do try at home and I'm sure you will enjoy it!


  1. Nice guest post Arthy, love the dessert and the presentation!

  2. delicious and tempting...Ongoing event : Fast food - poha and Know your dairy- Milk events in my blog

  3. Loving the coffee flavor... Looks yum.

  4. Nice guest post,congrats to both of you,tempting dessert

  5. Delicious n inviting...
    If you follow me glad of.

  6. Wat an elegant and gorgeous dessert,stunning guest post.

  7. That looks so delicious...yummilicious.

  8. Wonderful Guest it..


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