Friday, 10 August 2012

Bread Omelette

I only make breakfast during weekends and holidays, other days no one has time to have breakfast at home. The easiest recipe anyone could make is bread omelette or in Malaysia its called Bombay toast, where you just have to whisk egg with some milk and butter and some do add sugar. Usually I don't add sugar but have my toast with chili sauce.

But few days ago while BW I saw bread omelette at Tasty Appetite and I thought I must try this recipe immediately so I made for breakfast today. Thank you Tasty Appetite for the recipe.

Toast both sides of bread, I have used bran and wheatgerm bread

In a bowl mix 3 eggs, diced onions, diced red chili, turmeric powder, 
chili powder and coriander leaves with 3 tbsp of milk and pour in a frying pan.

Put the toasted bread on the egg mixture and flip to other side and 
let it cook for few minutes.

Bread Omelette is ready to serve best eaten with chili sauce or just like that.

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