Monday, 20 August 2012

My Very First Award

OMG, I was so excited when I received a message from Shama Nagarajan from Easy2Cook Recipes, she asked me to collect an award from her page. This is my first award after less than a month of blogging, I feel so much appreciated thank you Shama for the lovely award you shared.

Game Rules :- 

Rule 1: Post 11 things about yourself.
Rule 2: Answer the tagger's 11 questions.
Rule 3: Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers.
Rule 4: Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer.
Rule 5: Go to bloggers page and inform them about the awards.
Rule 6: No tagging back.

Rule 1:

11 things about me:
1.I'm a Malayalee born and bred in Malaysia.
2.I'm happily married to the man I fell in love 12 years ago and still so much in love with.
3.Family is always no. 1 to me.
4.I'm very simple.
5.I have high self esteem.
6.I have high sense of gratitude and humor.
7.I love shopping.
8.I love cooking for my family.
9.I love reading.
10.I love food especially my mom's cooking.
11.I am lovable.

Rule 2:

1) Who inspired to write a blog?
     My family inspired me to write blog, as I love cooking and baking things have
     been easy.

2) How your own cooking changed your eating habit?

    I can cook healthy and favorite meal for me and my family.
3) How Cooking gives you pleasure and happiness?

    When my family enjoy the meal I cook that's the real pleasure and 
    make me happy.  

4) Food and you ?

    We are best friends forever.
5) Positive and Negative feedback from your family for your food ?

    Both feedback I receive with open heart, it makes me improve to give the 
    best for them.

6) Which vegetable you love to cook daily?

     Sweet peas and carrot.

7) Will you pre-plan your menu for tomorrow's lunch/breakfast?

     Yes most of the time.

8) Any tips from your family kitchen to be shared?

    Cook from your heart and what family members love to eat, don't do it for the  
    sake of just cooking, this is what my mom always tells me.

9) Your most memorable recipe , most enjoyed recipe and from where you tasted it.

     My mom's chicken sambal, never tasted anything like that ever in any other place.

10) Most loved restaurant ? Review plz.

      Choon Kee Chinese Restaurant in my home town, the food is so tasty even after 
      30 over years it's still similar.

11) Blogging and you ?

      We are inseparable, this is where I can share what I have learned and polish 
      my cooking and baking skill.

Rule 3: 

I would like to share this award with :

5.  Prem Anna-Easyfud.
6.  Sara's Kitchen.
7.  Sangeeta's Kitchen.

 Couldn't pass the award to another four friends because most of them have more than 200 followers.

Rule 4:

My questions for you:
1. Which is your best recipe?
2. Whose cooking you admire most?
3. What do you like in my blog?
4. Would you like to follow me and why?
5. Do you create your own recipes?
6. What's your best dish ever?
7. What's your favorite dish?
8. Idea for a perfect lunch?
9. What dish you make repeatedly in a week?
10. How do you react when some one gives you a negative feedback on your cooking?
11. What's your inspiration for blogging?

Rule 5:


Rule 6:



  1. Thanks dear for your award and congrats too..Keep going:)

  2. Congratulations Sis. If you don't mind, can I ask you for any idea/advise/recipe for a Telugu style chicken masala. I ate this a long time ago and the only thing I can remember is it was green color,hot(not chili hot but peppercorn) and thick gravy. I am aware you are from a Malayalam background, so if you don't have any dont worry. Terima kasih!

  3. Thank u Kash...If I'm not mistaken it's Gongura Chicken/ Pulicaikirai Chicken dish. I will post on Gongura Chicken soon...

  4. Hmmm,I don't remember it having those leaves in it. Also, I can't get those leaves where I live, anyway you try it and let us know.

  5. As I know that's the famous dish if it's green...will post it soon...


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