Sunday, 12 August 2012

Chicken Sambal Mom's Signature Dish

I'm a chicken lover, chicken dishes made any style by my mom have been always great dish but the most special and every one's favorite is Chicken Sambal. The best dish my husband will never say NO to will be this. Yesterday itself he have requested me to make this for lunch today, it has been months  I didn't make this as I have been trying so many new dishes. 

I remember when my brother was a young child every sunday mom will cook this dish as my brother doesn't eat any other chicken dishes. He will eat few times a day and the moment he sees its about to finish he wil say 'amma can you make some more'.Now he's a chef and cooks all sort of food, so today I'm going to surprise him with his favorite dish.

Now let us look at the recipe way to cook this dish..


3 chicken whole leg(cut small)
2 tbsp curry powder
1 can of green peas
3 medium potato (sliced thinly)
5 tbsp dry chili paste
1 onion quartered
2 onion sliced thinly
1 tsp vinegar
Salt to taste

Marinate chicken with curry powder and salt

Fry the marinated chicken in oil, preferably in deep oil

Chicken should be perfectly fried and keep aside

Now fry potatoes that have been sliced thinly, not very crispy

Pour oil in a pan, add in sliced onion and saute

Add in dry chili paste, stir well and add water depending 
on how much gravy needed

 When the mixture start boiling and chili is cooked well add in 
fried chicken, potato and vinegar then cook until the gravy thickens, 
once gravy thickens add in green peas and stir in well

Now our Chicken Sambal is ready to serve, do try 
and let me know how it turned out


  1. Looks delicious n will try a hand on this 1 soon

  2. Sure try you will like it...

  3. 1st time to your blog and amazed to see your recipes and your style. Never heard Chicken Sambal before will try soon. Glad to follow you.

  4. Thank u for following Saras, Chicken Sambal is Malaysian cuisine it's a combo of Malay and Indian Cuisine, do try n let me know how is it.

  5. Thanks Suman..I tried the chicken sambal. . is great. .

  6. Hi.. Its simple and delicious. . just tried this dish. . Thanks!

  7. Wow it looks great ..must try it!!!

  8. Thanks for the recipe. Just cooked today and it was great.

  9. Hi sis, the dish looks brilliant! I'm planning to make this recipe in a big batch for an upcoming event. Most probably about 80 pieces of chicken; is it okay if i just multiple the ingredient? Thanking you in advance.

  10. Tried it last week. Really went well. For the rice i followed your nasi lemak recipe. Hubby loved it. I dont cook frequently and don really explore much in cooking. But thanks to your recipe.... i felt like i too can cook.


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