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Peanut Mawa Ladoo by Viji @ Virunthu Unna Vangga

Diwali have been a festival we always look forward in our family because of my uncle, he used to be the one person who kick-starts the Diwali mood in our family. Weeks before he will start asking when are you making cookies and sweets, and he will be in joyous mood throughout.On Diwali eve, my uncle and me would go to market to buy fruits and meat to give out to our neighbors, and its like a tradition every year since I was a small child. The year he passed away in 2011 was the last my family celebrated Diwali, looking at his picture makes me burst into tears, I'm known as someone very strong in the family and I'm their strength all the while, but that year I was the one who made everyone in the family to cry on an auspicious day. Ok, I'm so carried away with my sad story, let me bring you to the Diwali mood, I have someone special to share a wonderful recipe for 2013 Diwali, that's none other than Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj from Virunthu Unna Vangga. Now let us welcome her with her superb Peanut Ladoo;

Hi friends, am really very happy to be here to present guest post on Arthy akka’s SUMANARTHY’S KITCHEN. I am really unexpected that I will do the guest in the festival season... I accepted her invite immediately, when she asked me for the guest post. We both were introduced in our FB chat through some of our friends. She is so polite, down-to-earth and affectionate... She always call me Kutty J, I love the way of she calls me... I learnt many healthy tips from akka, but I implemented very few ;) because of my laziness... Here you can see more non-vegetarian recipes with good photographs. I love her photographs with lively ingredients.

Coming to the recipe, during the short time, I couldn’t prepare any traditional recipe so this is my quick and delicious recipe for the guest post... You can make it anytime within 15 minutes, after you tasted the ladoo, you will make it again and again, am sure about it... J Here I used peanut butter and instant mawa to prepare the cute balls...

Peanut butter – ½ Cup
Mawa/Khoya – 5 Tbsp (I used *Instant Mawa)
Powder Sugar – ¼ Cup
Cardamom powder – ½ Tsp

*Instant Mawa
Milk Powder – ½ Cup
Water – 2-3 Tbsp
Ghee – ½ Tsp

Mix everything into pliable dough, cover it with cloth and steam it in idli cooker or pressure pan for 10 minutes on medium flame. Cool it completely, crumble and use it the instant mawa.

·       Take a wide mixing bowl, add peanut butter and mawa mix it well till combines well, it looks like        bread crumbs.
·       Now add powder sugar and cardamom powder mix it well.
·       Grease your hand with ghee and take small amount and start rolling to make balls.
·       Garnish with cashew nuts or almonds.
·       Serve it with coffee/tea.

·       You can use fresh mawa instead of instant one.
·       Add ghee roasted cashews and raisins in the dough before making ladoos.


Am really very happy to be here as ARTHY akka’s guest.....

Such a simple yet amazing ladoo isn't it, I'm sure many of you will try making these ladoos at home for Diwali. Do let us know how it turned out for you! Thank you so much Kutty for preparing these delicious ladoos for us. Happy Diwali to you and your family.


  1. Peanut mawa laddo looks delicious :) Thanks for sharing

  2. what a lovely guest post... the laddoos looks amazing... :)

  3. Thank u so much for the great opportunity aks... Very glad to be here...

  4. Thats a nice idea.. Simple and yum

  5. Lovely guest post with an innovative recipe :) Belated diwali wishes, Kathi - just one thing dear you are a strong person and trust me good people leave us but they always look at us from above and be happy

  6. awesome ladoos..a lovely guest post

  7. Is that peanuts... It look so delicious...
    Nice Blog... Good Recipe...
    Thanks for sharing it with us...


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